March 7, 2013

Cold Weather Golf Golf Tips

Cold weather is here, but that does not mean you have to stop playing your favorite sport. People continue to play golf during the winter months to prevent their wrists from weakening. Weak wrists adversely affect your grip and eventually your shots as well. Therefore, playing golf throughout the year keeps your wrists strong and helps you score well in every game, be it a summer or winter competition.

Assuming you have access to good-enough weather, winter is also a good time to learn the game at your own pace. Fewer players mean less rush on the golf course, so you can learn the game without slowing the game of other golfers.

However, playing golf in winter presents a few new rules, issues, and difficulties you need to keep in mind. Winter golfers may face some of these issues:

• During winter months the game is often slow and at times held up because of snow, slush, or inclement weather.

• The condition of the ground during winter makes it difficult to plot your way around the golf course. As a result, your summer golf strategy goes for a toss.

• Transporting the clubs may be difficult as pathways get covered with snow or slush.

• The ground may become slippery and maintaining your grip can be challenging.

• Some golfers are uncomfortable wearing long or heavy boots while playing the game.

In spite of these hurdles, you can still enjoy golf during winter. All you need is a good attitude, strong motivation, and a little preparation. Consider these cold weather golf tips to make your golfing experience more pleasant:

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Dress warmly

Dressing appropriately is the most important cold weather golf tip to keep your performance at a high level. Most body heat is lost through the hands and head. To prevent this, keep your hands and head covered with a skullcap and a good pair of lightweight gloves. For the body, a lightweight jacket instead of a long wool sweater is recommended, where the material allows heat retention despite the moisture of the snow.

Change the ball and choose the golf club wisely

A white ball in the snow can be easy to miss; instead, use brightly colored balls. Also remember that your score will not be the same as in summer because the winter air is denser which slows the ball and reduces the distance that it travels. So how should you deal with this? Opt for a club with a graphite shaft and when swinging, focus and maintain a steady tempo and good balance. Plus, you should always carry extra clubs in case of emergencies or in case you may need a change of pace in your game.

Drink Water

Keep your system hydrated with good swigs of water. Although it’s best to avoid coffee and alcohol, hot chocolate is a delicious alternative.

Stretching before the game

Doing golf stretches before the game helps keep you limber and primed for the sport. Remember to exercise from head to toe, covering all the muscle groups and holding each stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds. A good stretch and workout before you hit the golf course ensures a comfortable and focused first tee shot.

Follow these simple cold weather golf tips and enjoy golfing this winter!

About the author:
Jeffrey Wright is VP Web Services of in Chicago, IL. EZLinks is a software and marketing company serving golf courses and golfers since 1996. EZLinks operates the world’s largest network for golf reservations, as well as the highest volume tee time call center in the industry.



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