June 24, 2013

How to choose a golf instructor

Finding a golf instructor for your desired golf lessons can be frustrating at times, costly, and time consuming leaving many giving up on the  proper golf training.  Just like looking around for the best service provider, just know that it will do you no harm to shop around for a golf instructor in order to compare and find the one who fits and satisfies your requirements. Here at fitness for golf we encourage our clients to consider all or any of the following qualities before committing to a golf school and golf lessons.

How much are you willing to spend?

In almost all neighborhoods, golf lessons tend to be expensive but some are more expensive than others depending on where are, and you don’t have to spend a fortune securing better golf training lessons. The more accolades, experience and the golf training school they are attached to makes the golf trainer more costly to hire. Keeping this in mind, remember that there are many golf instructors out there who are relatively cheaper but still very professional and effective so can even be better so what you need to do is have a price in mind and stick to that as the search for the instructor continues.

Commitment to your goals:

For the golf lessons to be effective, you must be able to follow up on the training by your allocating your own time and continue to work on the instructor’s suggestions. Set realistic goals that are attainable and indeed you are fully committed to meet those goals.

Ask for referrals

By asking around you will get into  past students of many golf instructors and this will give you an idea of the best golf teachers in your area, ask as many golfers as you know. This is a very good start as names will start coming up and among these you will finally get a personal recommendation of some golf instructor that you really feel you need to try out though we would advise that you try out a few recommendations, kind of interview before deciding on one.

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Online Lessons vs. Golf Schools

Online lessons and golf training schools are majorly the basic ways to get golf instruction. Both have strengths with online lessons offering the possibility of taking lessons at your own convenience and the ability to replay the instructions time and again till you get the desired outcome among other advantages. Golf academies offer a personal touch to the training and an intensive amount of learning in a short time, but can also offer too much information and without much follow-up.

Finally after putting a lot of factors into consideration you will be able to make your choice. It’s important that you choose an instructor  or training format that suits you so going for something you don’t like will just keep you from learning.



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