February 19, 2013

Do You Like the change in our correspondance from the old Precision Golf Now email?

This is the new Fitness For Golf letter that will come out on Tuesdays.  In a recent survey of members just like you we learned that many loved our content offered but did not want to struggle through an entire email to find an article they liked.  Now you will be able to see a headline of each weeks feature articles and click over to the blog for quick reading on the articles that most interest you.

Each week we will share tips to help you get lower scores and more enjoyment from the game of golf.  Today we talk about the mental game, nutrition, a putting tip and a special invite to help out a worthy cause and get yourself a great deal on a professional photograph of your favorite golf hole.

Each week we will share golf fitness, golf tips and golf enjoyment.  Also watch for our Friday Weekend Watch emails that share some of the best articles about golf from around the Internet.

If you like this we would really appreciate your help in two ways.  Please pass this email onto a friend and invite them to go over to www.FitnessForGolf.com and sign up to join.  The second way you can help is click this link and comment on our blog to let us know your thoughts on the new format or how else we can help you play better golf.  Leave a comment Below.

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Thanks for your support in making Fitness For Golf the top site for golf fitness information since 2004.  Enjoy this weeks tips

Feel Great and Hit ‘Em Straight…

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