January 2, 2013

Careers in Golf

Become a golf fitness instructor

Unlike any other professional office or white collar work jobs, golf fitness career gives you the satisfaction of doing something that you really like and enjoy. Without being stressed by daily meetings, attending  business conference meeting and all the office procedures.

Many people who have embraced golf fitness as a career earn more money by performing a combined service of golf and fitness training. Job satisfaction is great as you could see your clients improve and grow every day with you. The most interesting fact is that you could start earning money with the job that you love most.

For starters, you must have experience and a wide range of knowledge in golf and general fitness. Knowing  the basics or to having a strong muscular physique is not enough, you must still study and add on your skills of good golf.  There are a lot of training programs which could help you grow from an amateur to a real specialist. Start a lot of research and read many available online articles, e-zines or e-books about golf fitness, which others could be acquired for free.

Next you will need to learn all you can about fitness especially sports fitness. You are advised to get yourself certified as a fitness trainer from the many universities which now offer courses in sports fitness and exercise.

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The moment you get to know the techniques and skills used in better golf playing, you should be able to look, act and talk like a professional personal trainers. Look and act confident about what you are saying. If  you look unsure even on what you are teaching, it would be possible that you would be crossed out on the spot. Take note that they are paying for your services and they would not spend their money on a personal golf trainer who would not be worth it at all so its your responsibility to be convincing and deliver as per your promise.

Be seen everywhere and start catering on other towns near you in order to get opportunities and gain more experience.  Through online marketing and setting up your very own website, this will increase your visibility and look professional. Usually, this is not a very easy and fast process and does not guarantee you an immediate work especially if you would be the author of your site so you need to sink a lot of effort into the process.

It is advisable to consider offering your services for free in the beginning to just to gain experience and to develop a name for your self  and develop a long list of clientele. This is important since many clients you will get will commonly come through referrals. Many people starting out with their career in golf fitness might under look  this marketing this strategy but it  has proven to be very effective.



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