Cardio Endurance

“I believe being aerobically fit helps my body recover quickly so that I’m able to compete at the highest level.”  Tiger Woods

Cardio is crucial to your long term success as a golfer and as person who strives to be lean, fit, strong and everlasting in your favorite sport. Great physical conditioning creates a more powerful golfer any day-every day. Cardiovascular exercise is generally underestimated when it comes to golf fitness.

Golfers typically fail to see the benefits derived from cardio simply because they either ride in a cart or feel there is plenty of rest in between shots. However, walkers cover an approximate walking distance of 4-5 miles each round.

Even cart riders put in their fair share of walking depending on local cart rules, weather conditions and following errant shots. Put simply, cardio builds endurance and endurance protects your game from fatigue.

Cardio Tools

Cooper 12 Minute Run: How fit are you? Take the following test to determine your cardiovascular fitness.  Find the true measure of your endurance.

3 Min Step Test: What’s your heart’s current recovery rate? As you become more fit, your recovery will be faster.

Calories Per Activity: Would you like to know which activities burn the most calories? Find out here.

Target Heart Rate Calculator: Learn which heart rate will yield the best results to meet your cardiovascular goals.  No more guesswork!

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