October 27, 2012

Buddy Golf Trips

Next week I am going on a trip with several golfing friends to Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson, Kansas and then onto The Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.  We will play approximately 72 holes in 48 hours and try and get back to watch football on Saturday afternoon. 

As I was thinking about this trip, I remembered the multiple golf trips I have taken over this past year and the friendships that have been forged because of the experience.  Because of golf, I have travelled to some wonderful courses and met terrific people all across the country. 

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In some of the trips I will end up going with guys I play with somewhat regularly.  In trips like this one, a couple of the guys and I have been on a previous trip together. But there  are some guys on this one who I have not travelled with before.  I look forward to experiences such as these where you really get to know others through the golf and the shared experiences.

On a golf trip, you aren’t running home to the family after the round.  You get to kick back and share a drink and a nice dinner.  You can play more than 18 holes in a day if you want because what else were you planning on doing while away.  It gives you time to share stories, create memories and then come home and brag to all those who didn’t make the trip about how much fun you had.

Golf trips are also great because of the people you meet along the way.  In this case, the group from the Colonial Country Club who are hosting us have tied our trip in with their member guest stag.  We will then play a team competition.

This is the fourth time in 18 months these groups have met at a venue – 2nd time at Colonial, one time at Bally Neal Colorado and one time at the Omaha Country Club.  Now I have a bunch of friends in Texas that I never would have hooked up with other than our common love of golf.

And in all the trips I have taken, I have never really come across an individual I really did not like to be with.  But think about it.  If you are organizing or joining a golf trip and there are several guys in the group, they certainly aren’t going to invite a person that no one likes.  Let’s face it — who would want to room with that person?

Here’s a picture of Emmet Root teeing off at Royal County Downs

Another thing that is kind of cool about golf trips is that you usually play great courses, fun courses or notable courses.  No one takes a golf trip and plays the local muni. They take a trip to Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, or Kohler. 

And then after they knock those off the list they want to play Pine Valley, Cypress Point or Augusta.  By the way if anyone who reads this can help me get onto one of these three courses, just let me know and that will be my next golf trip!

So if you want to take the enjoyment of golf to another level, if you want to make it more than just the competitiveness of the game, then organize or join a buddy’s golf trip. This takes golf from being a game to being a lifestyle. And right now is a perfect time to think about a winter trip or a longer destination summer trip.

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What has been the best golf trip you have ever taken?





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