March 9, 2013

Bucket List Trip–Golf In Scotland Part 2

In a previous entry we discussed the top 3 things to keep in consideration when planning for your golfing trip of lifetime: golfing in Scotland. Today we are going to continue the same theme and mention the next 4 things to consider when you are getting ready for links golf.

4. Golf in Scotland is mainly a walking game with most courses having a very limited number of golf carts that are available usually with a medical certificate requirement. Caddies are readily available at most of the popular courses and if your budget allows it, I would strongly recommend taking a caddie whenever possible as they will enhance the experience greatly. However, please remember that all caddies are independent agents and are not hired by the club, so best to request in advance to ensure their availability (- and hope that there isn’t a local soccer match on that day!).

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5. It is highly recommended that you bring with you a good lightweight rain suit, as it is most likely that you will encounter some wet and windy weather, no matter what time of the year you visit. Very often, golfers expect this and enjoy this part of the experience, as long as it is not too wet and windy. A couple of pairs of waterproof golf shoes is also recommended.

If this is something that interests you and you want more information on how to begin planning for a golfing trip to Scotland–or anywhere in the United Kingdom–please provide your name and phone number below and Kevin McGrath will contact you to begin planning your trip.

Mr. McGrath is the owner of Scottsdale Collection ( and a member of Portmarnock and Lahinch Golf Clubs in Ireland, two courses ranked in the Top 100 Courses in the World, and also Troon Country Club in Scottsdale. He is a member of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Rating Panel, an elite group of passionate golfers consisting of course architects, historians, leading professionals, and well-traveled golf enthusiasts. His involvement in the golf industry over the past 13 years has allowed him to connect and network with many of the top industry personnel, and this, coupled with other relationships developed over four decades, gives him access to key golf industry leaders. 



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