November 9, 2012

Best Golf Experiences

This week’s Fitness For Golf Hangout continues on the golf experience theme leaving off from the 54 hours, 1349 miles and 72 holes of golf article that was sent out in our free weekly newsletter.

The best part about taking these golf trips is that it’s really not a trip but an experience. The reason Mike went down to Colonial was not to play Colonial (although it’s an absolutely beautiful course!); it’s that he and his group of friends from Omaha Country Club have formed a friendship with the members down there and vice versa.

Maybe you have not made any lasting friendships on your golf trips–but there has been an absolutely spectacular course that really resonated with you. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous or whatever it is–there’s just something about it.

Tell us all about it! Where was the course–who were you playing with–why this experience really stands out to you as being a lasting memory.

Watch this week’s hangout and tell us all about your favorite (best) golf experience



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