April 25, 2013

Getting to the Core of Your Golf Fitness

Welcome to The Fitness For Golf Member’s Monthly Exercise!

It’s well known that the core plays an integral role in your golf swing. The core has a significant functional play for generating the maximum power in all phases of the swing: the back-swing, down swing, contact, and the follow through.

Here are the core exercises that we did today:

  • The Hunter: lay flat on your back, feet are flat on the ground and knees pointed up. Reach your arms out, crunch upwards and pump your arms in a constant rhythm. After you have found your rhythm, bring one leg up 90 degrees in a tabletop manner. Once you have developed a consistent rhythm, bring your other leg up also in a tabletop pattern. After executing this position, slowly bring one leg flat (but still elevated) and continue pumping your arms. Then switch legs (leg that was tabletop is now elevated flat and vice versa) and continue pumping. End this exercise by elevating both legs and continue pumping. For the final stage, the angle of elevation depends on the strength of your core–as your core strengthens you can lower your legs.
  • Side to Side Knees: After doing the hunter, position your knees back to the starting point (feet flat, knees pointing up) and rock your knees side to side with your heel remaining on the floor
  • Shoulder Bridge:  Position yourself in the same starting position as before. Peel your vertebrae off the ground until you’re executing a shoulder bridge. Once you are in the shoulder bridge position, slowly lower each vertebrae back to the ground, one by one.
  • Half Bicycle: Hands are placed behind your head positioned straight out, knees are tightly held together with your feet on the ground. Slowly crunch up and rotate side to side. Once you’ve warmed up sufficiently and properly, lift the leg that is opposite of the arm in rotation to meet the elbow. At this point your hips should remain planted on the ground, only elevating the legs when it is time to meet with the opposite arm.
  • Full Bicycle: Continue the same process as before only this time both of your legs are in the air. You are still meeting your arm with the opposite leg.
  • Full Body Crunch:  Lay completely flat on the floor with your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Arms reaching above your head, exhale while you crunch completely up (with your arms still above your head), and finish with your arms reaching for your feet. Inhale back into the upright position and exhale rolling back down to the starting position. Be sure to roll back down to the floor one vertebrae at a time.
  • Angled Kick Outs: Angle on to one elbow and rest all of the weight on the meat of the butt. Elevate your legs so that they are floating in the air. Then bring the knees to your chest as high as you can go and kick back out. Repeat this on both sides.
  • xx: Roll onto your stomach and position your shoulders normal width apart with your hands directly below them. Make sure that your shoulders are not rolled forward. Your heels should be slightly turned out which causes your toes to be slightly pointed in. Then inhale and lengthen up; allowing your hips to rest on the floor. Only goes as far as you can. Exhale on your way back down to the starting position.
  • Child’s Pose: Knees and toes on the ground with your butt sitting back on your feet. Extend your arms forward as far as you can.


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