July 14, 2012

A Workout Routine For When You Are Traveling

The above picture appeared in the Maribel Country Club newsletter recently from a golf trip I took with my family to see my parents wintering in Scottsdale.  The caption was three generations exercising.  The staff was so excited because they could not recall ever having three generations in the room working out at one time. 

I come by it naturally as my 78 year old father gets upset if he can’t walk and carry his bag playing 18 holes.  He is as adamant about daily workout as I am and he is in great shape.  My son is also very conscious of exercise as he played Division 1 tennis for two years.  That just means that I have to work hard just to keep up.

On the particular day this picture was taken, the three of us had played golf and while waiting for the rest of the family to join us for dinner, we all went in to do some cardio on the machines.  My exercise preference during golf season is for moderate lifting and stretching to help the rotational and strength portions of my golf game.  The cardio I mix in for endurance and stamina to get me through walking and playing 18 holes.

I tell you this because shortly after this picture was taken, my trainer, Bill Esch sent me his suggested on the road workout routine.  This is something I can do in hotel rooms without any equipment.  It is strictly body weight stuff.  Like everything else Bill gives me to do it is not easy, but it is very productive for those times when I do not have access to a gym or equipment.

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Here’ what Bill recommended for my hotel workout:

  1. Hundred 1min
  2. Double  leg Stretch 10 reps
  3. Leg Circle 10 each leg
  4. Glute Bridge 10 reps
  5. Criss Cross 1 min
  6. Swan 10 reps
  7. Swimmer 1 min
  8. Double Heal squeeze 10 reps
  9. Bridge 1 min
  10. Side leg raise 20 reps each side
  11. Lunges 20 reps each leg
  12. Squat 20 reps
  13. Toes turned out squat 20 reps
  14. Repeat this series 3 times.

My dad has taught me if you work hard, you can play hard.  I would say if you exercise the fitness for golf way, you will be fit for golf.

This article is written by Mike Root, owner of Fitness For Golf
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