August 20, 2012

Success Tips And Resources Questions And Answers

Following a low carb diet for golf

Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. If you deplete them entirely or cut them to low levels you will see this have a negative impact on your performance. However, there is a big difference between slow release and high release carbohydrates and keeping balance in your nutrition plan. I always encourage a balanced approach to nutrition whether you are on the course or off the course.

Feeling awkward with Swiss ball exercises

Trust me when I say it’s not you. It is normal to feel somewhat awkward at first. However, with some practice you will begin to feel like a true pro and it will change the functioning of the body and your golf swing.

It reminds me of the way some of us practice for golf. Most people are out on the range working on their long drives because this is the fun part. Yet studies prove that most people need desperate work on their short game, yet rarely practice.

It’s the same with exercise. Do those exercises which sometimes feel the most awkward at first, yet have the potential to yield the quickest and most effective results.

Too old too stretch

There is no question that genetics plays a role in your flexibility. However, there is only a very small percentage of our population who are gifted in this regard. This means that every else has to work on it.

Keep your goals realistic and be patient with your results. It only takes a few minutes a day of consistent stretching to begin to feel better in throughout your swing and keep your body from injury.



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