December 31, 2012

100 Day Goals Challenge

There is a fabulous program I do every year to help make next year better than the previous year. I set about focusing on goals I want to achieve.

For me these are divided into personal, financial, social, and work related goals as broad categories. But everyone is different and may have different categories they want to focus on improving.

The act of just writing out these goals actually helps in accomplishing them because it imprints in your mind and lets your subconscious go to work on achieving what you write down.

Of course in the personal improvement section I always have goals for my golf game. Over the years as I have set these goals, I have generally hit them or come close having brought my handicap down from the teens to finishing this year at a 1. My ultimate goal is still to be a scratch golfer and that will be on top of my 2013 goals list.

Do you have ambitious goals for 2013 or have you not even thought about it? If you really want to make improvement this upcoming year, I would like to propose a goal setting program I use from Gary Ryan Blair, the Goals Guy. You can check out a free video presentation at

It is called the 100 Day Challenge and it is an awesome way to focus on getting the most out of every aspect of your life. I will be doing this program again this year and I invite you to join me in making 2013 your best year ever.



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