August 20, 2010

10 Qualities That Lead To Championship Performance

Welcome to this weekly edition of Fitness for Golf newsletter.
I had such a fun and memorable time last week, I wanted to share it with you. Last Wednesday I was asked to fly out to a beautiful private club in Birmingham, Alabama for a golf presentation.

Old Overton Club was rated as the country’s best private course in 1994. The course was beautiful and the clubhouse was spectacular.

I had the privilege of meeting some really fine people at this club, but one gentleman in particular I want to tell you about.

His name is Frank Slapikas and he is the Assistant Golf Pro at Old Overton. Frank is a guy in his early thirties who is in fabulous shape and, naturally, loves the game of golf. It turns out Frank has decided to give up the security of his job and everything else he knows to follow his dream of playing on the PGA tour.

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Starting this December, he will playing on the Hooter’s tour so he can follow a dream he’s had for a long time. I could have talked with Frank for days, but on this trip I had to settle for a few hours. You could see the eagerness, passion, hope, desire, enthusiasm, and inner calm with knowing you are about to embark on a life changing experience.

Frank and I talked about the work ahead with regards to his game and preparing his body and mind for his forthcoming adventure. I rarely see this kind of commitment and discipline from any individual. I walked away with 100% conviction that Frank would give this shot at making the tour every ounce of energy he could possibly find from within. I know he has as good a chance as anybody, and probably better, because no sacrifice would be too great in pursuit of his dreams.

My visit with Frank hit a cord with me. You see, everyday I meet with golfers who want to improve their bodies and their games. Many want to lose weight and some just want to feel really good about their level of play. However, something funny happens on the way to their goal. What is important one day, suddenly becomes unimportant the next. Golfers appear to want a better game and a better life, yet don’t take the steps necessary to make it happen.

This brings me back to Frank. Frank is absolutely committed to his dream. He will eat whatever he needs, when he needs, without any feeling of sacrifice. He will do any exercises and/or stretches to get a competitive edge. He will spend any amount of time practicing (he’s up to 2 hours daily). You see, Frank has a goal. There isn’t anybody or anything that can deter him from making this happen.

This week’s tip is dedicated to Frank Slapikas. Watch for his name on the leaderboard of the Hooter’s tour this winter. He will be using the exercises and stretches from Fitness for Golf.

All of us “average” golfers are behind you Frank. Your competition will be fierce, but each year new golfers rise to the top of the leaderboard and become household names. This time we hope it will be you.

We wish you all the best.

Best regards,

Susan Hill
Fitness for Golf



10 Qualities that Lead to Championship Performance
What 10 attributes do all championship athletes have in common? How many of these do you possess?

1. Composure, Poise and Presence. Champions maintain balance under the most extreme adversity. They don’t panic. They’re able to focus, stay relaxed and continue to walk the walk. They stay positive and act confidently to handle stress.

2. Confidence In Self. Champions believe in their capabilities and know what they can do. They maintain this sense of self even under pressure, or when things are not going well. They remind themselves that they have succeeded in tougher times than these.

3. Eternal Hope. Champions fight to the end. They never give up. They continually seek ways to win and experiment with tactics to turn things around in their favor. They truly believe that there is a way to win, and they just have to discover it.

4. Pacing Skills. Champions know when to take a break and relax. They know how to control the clock so they get a rest. They know that working non-stop leads to burn-out. They have the experience to know when to cruise and when to turn it on.

5. Control Factor Awareness. Champions know what they can control, what they can only influence and what is out of their control. They focus only on those things within their control or influence and let go of the rest.

6. Self-Awareness. Champions know themselves well. They understand what they need to do to perform well. They are aware of themselves in the moment and can make needed adjustments. They listen to their bodies, their minds and their emotions.

7. The Ability To Learn. Champions absorb experience very rapidly. They learn from every outing, good or bad. They seek feedback from others and consider all sides to infuse new techniques and methods into their play. They see what needs to be done to improve and win.

8. Coachability. Champions are coachable. They seek help from those who are more experienced. They form collaborative partnerships with those who can help them. They appreciate the art and science of coaching and make it an integral part of their training program.

9. A Strong Work Ethic. Champions know that hard work leads to confidence and the belief that they deserve to win because they have paid their dues. They know that hard work staves off self-doubt and lack of action. They know that practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only practice that is perfect makes perfect.

10. Commitment. Champions dream big and they make a pact with themselves to reach those goals. They stay on track in spite of setbacks. They continually remind themselves of their goals and readjust those goals as they are met. They make a commitment to train hard and follow-through no matter what.

This article was adpated from Bill Cole, MS, MA, a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching. He is founder and CEO of Procoach Systems.



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